Travelers Redhill League Champions Summer 2014!

Congratulations to team Travelers for winning the first Pass and Move it Redhill League Summer 2014!

It has been an extraordinary first season with many twists and turns, ups and downs on and off the pitch! Some amazing goals, some fierce competition and at times no competition at all! Travelers started the season impressively and managed to pull through as comfortable winners. Runners up went to 4 Seasons Store who started to build real momentum in the last league games. Player of the season goes to Karl Douglin of Riverside Pharmacy who ran relentlessly non-stop always wanting the ball and scoring great last minute deciding goals. The goal of the season had to go to Haider Naqvi of team Volt who managed to score an incredible screamer setting himself up for a volley then smash!

We are always looking to improve the league to make it fairer and safer. Below are some of the rules we are thinking of implementing for next season and if you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to get in touch –

  • Can’t shoot from kick off
  • Margin of the walkover will be reduced to 2 goals

Thanks to everyone that participated in making it an enjoyable season. See you September 4th when it all starts again!

Redhill 5-A-Side Indoor Football League

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