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Donyngs Redhill 5-A-Side Futsal Rules

Technical Rules
  1. When the ball has gone out of play (outside the red boundary) the ball is kicked back into play from the touchline and from corners.
  2. For kick-ins, free kicks, goal clearances and corner kicks the player in possession of the ball has 4 SECONDS to restart play.
  3. For a kick-in, the player must have one foot on the touch line or behind it and the ball must be stationary.
  4. A goal may NOT be scored directly from a kick-in.
  5. From corners, kick-ins and free-kicks opponents must be a distance of at least 2 METRES from the ball.
  6. Goalkeepers are ALLOWED OUT of the penalty area and players are ALLOWED INTO the penalty area.
  7. Goalkeepers are NOT ALLOWED to control the ball with either hands or feet for more than 4 SECONDS in their own half.
  8. Goalkeepers CANNOT DROP KICK the ball.
  9. At goal kicks the ball can be THROWN or KICKED but the ball CANNOT travel in the air further than the halfway line, a violation is an indirect kick at the point of infraction nearest the line.
  10. After a goal kick the ball must be touched by the opponent, a third player or cross the half line before playing back to the goalkeeper. The exception to the rule is if the goalkeeper is in the offensive half of the field, then they are allowed to touch the ball at any point.
  11. Fouls & Misconduct
  12. A team may concede THREE FOULS (direct free-kicks) and on the FOURTH foul and any subsequent fouls that the team commits a PENALTY will be awarded to the opposition.
  13. If a player is sin binned then the team to which the player belongs must remain with 4 players until either two minutes have passed, or the opposition have scored a goal.
  14. Futsal is a NON-CONTACT game and if you are injured from participating we are not liable.
  15. Playing Squad & Substitutions
  16. Five players may be on the pitch for each team at any one time, unless players have been dismissed from the pitch.
  17. All players, including goalkeepers, must wear shin-pads at all times when on the pitch.
  18. Substitutions can be made at any time during the game. The substitute can only enter the pitch once the player being replaced has left, and they must enter the pitch via the substitution zone.
  19. Any team that cannot make a game please contact Pass and Move it to avoid being charged the full match fee.